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The hilarious moment

When the pain patch you’ve been wearing kicks in for the first time in two days. 


What fucking universe am I in right now? Between this and watching my mom because she’s sick, fuuuuuuuck man.

PS. Sunny, if you’re on, I replied on Maddie. Dunno how good it’ll be good cause of shit and stuff. <3

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Fade Away || Closed Para



Maddie’s mother had never particularly been fond of her daughter after she’d found out she was a mutant. But when Maddie had gotten word that her mother was dying she’d dropped everything. She’d never been good with goodbyes, so she packed as much as she could carry, looked behind her at the house she’d grown to think of as one of the only homes she’d ever really felt comfortable in, and took flight back home. 

The Midwest was full of prairies and planes. Trees. Beautiful trees. And the weather was perfect. She would have assumed that if she were here under such dire circumstances, it would be cloudy…or rainy. But Maddie had always been one to think like that. Like story books dictated real life, or fairy tales and archetypes were real. Bright and sunny days meant happiness, sad and dreary days meant thunder and lightening, the days where she had nothing going on were beautiful and radiant. 

Her strong and faithful white and gold tipped wings carried her as far as Elysium, without her body even producing a modicum of sweat on her brow. As she fell onto her mother’s door step, looking around to make sure that no one was watching her, she knocked on the woman’s door and held her breath. God, what would it be like to see this woman after so so long? Would it be awkward? Would she turn the girl away? Would she even be strong enough to answer the door? As she heard the door knob turn, she let her eyes drift from her shoes and up to the woman in the doorway. 

She was a shadow of her former self. The strict and angry woman now looked fragile, as if she could break at any moment. The anger in her eyes was gone, replaced with a sadness and then a surprise to see her only daughter show up on her doorstep. “Madelina?” She asked, her voice raspy and feeble. Then she started to move forward more and reached out a hand to touch the girl’s face. As much as she wanted to pull away, she couldn’t. This was her mother. “Oh my God. My Madelina came home…” And with that, she pulled her into an embrace that the winged young girl was not prepared for. Her wings shifted on her back as she felt her mother’s hand glide across them. “They really are just…magnificent, aren’t they? How could I ever think otherwise?”


"They’re just…unusual if you’ve never seen them before." Maddie replied stiff for a moment as the woman hugged her before burying her face in the familiar scent of her neck. One word just kept running through her mind: Mommy. Her mother pulled back and wiped off some of the tears that Maddie hadn’t realized were running down her face. “Can you still…are you still able to read minds? Can you hear me?” Her mother asked. Maddie nodded, but shrugged. “The people at Elysium taught me how to control it. How to center it. We had to…We had to learn to use them for defensive purposes. I can’t hear anyone from down the street anymore, Mommy.” She said proudly. The woman had called her daughter crazy for it, until they’d found Elysium. 

"I came to help, Mommy. I know you’re sick…I just…I want to help okay? Please…Can I…Can I come in?" And right after she asked it she saw her mother’s wall go back up—my daughter’s a freak and always will be—immediately. But it was only for a split second. And Thus, the mother and daughter duo walked into the house and sipped as much sweet tea as they could handle, all while talking about what they’d missed.


2 years came and went as she watched her Mother deteriorate in front of her. Ovarian cancer they had said. Spread through the lymph nodes. Couldn’t operate. So now all they could do was keep her comfortable. Maddie sprung for a nurse to help her out, after repeatedly trying to call the man who was supposed to be her father numerous times. He either just never got the messages or didn’t care, but she’d bet on the latter. 

After a few weeks, Maddie’s mother was comatose, only holding Maddie’s hand every once in awhile to show she was still there. And then Maddie had an idea. “Mom…I’m going to try let me know if this works, okay?” Focusing on her mother’s mind, she broke the minimal walls and found herself in the confines of the abyss. But instead of focusing on what was there, she focused on what was not. For a moment, she closed her eyes and imagined a meadow full of poppies and flowers, a beautiful oak tree. And then imagined her mother standing beside her in a long flowing white dress. 

Her mother stood there, her eyes full of wonder before they landed on Madelina. “Did you…did you do this?” She asked, her voice a fountain of peacefulness. Maddie simply nodded. “I did, Mommy. I figured…if you were going to go, you and I needed to at least have one last talk. And why not talk in a paradise?”


Madelina’s mother came forward and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward the shade of the oak tree. “I’m sorry, Maddie. I saw you growing wings…I saw how different you were on the play ground and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Do you remember that time, you heard that little boy—oh, he had to have been about 5 or 6—and you heard him thinking he was going to kick sand in Katy Meyers’s face. You walked up to him with a handful of sand and threw it in his face first.” They both laughed harder than they had in a long time before Madelina’s mom stopped and brushed a piece of hair out of the girl’s face. “I treated you like the worst thing on the planet. I’m the worst mother ever imaginable. I just cast you out. I didn’t think. I just…sent you away when I couldn’t handle it anymore. I’ve always regretted that. It’s why I never answered your calls…or letters…I was too guilty. You deserved better.”

Madelina reached forward and grabbed her mother’s face in her hands. “You are my mother. And it doesn’t matter what happened, what you did, what you didn’t do. Doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that the past two years, we’ve bonded. We’ve become mother and daughter again…and that—that is worth everything, you hear me? All the lost time. Everything. I love you, Mommy.” 

Her mother’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked at the daughter who’s features were so like her own. “You grew up…to be the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. But…” And she looked off in the distance where the sun was getting brighter. “I think it’s time for me to go, now.” Maddie knew. She knew instinctually, and her eyes filled with tears of losing someone she loved dearly. Her mother grabbed her up, for the last time, and whispered in her ear. “I love you, my Madelina.” 

And then she was gone.

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